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Santa Clarita Toastmasters Clubs Holiday Party for all clubs in the Santa Clarita Area.

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  • December 4th, 6:30 PM-9:30 PM
  • Cost is $29 (non-refundable)
  • RSVP and Pay by November 23
  • Location Darios Mexican Restaurant, Canyon Country.
  • Speakers from 5 clubs will speak
  • Table Topics throughout the evening
  • RAFFLE! – Club Baskets themed to “Something Old, Something New”

Come and see who’s who in the other Santa Clarita Toastmasters clubs!
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Getting to Cruising Altitude



Daybreak Meeting September 28, 2017 – Getting to Cruising Altitude
Word of the day: Loquacious

Don Cogan as Toastmaster picked a theme centered around flight and getting to cruising altitude in our speaking careers.

Circe gave a PowerPoint presentation about her father using images of him throughout his life.

Deborah did speech #7 Research your Topic with PowerPoint images about the Titanic. This was her first use of PowerPoint during a speech. Congratulations!

Michael helped us with Impromptu speaking and used questions about Santa Clarita to encourage us to speak off the cuff. Kathleen Lubin, District Director was our first Table Topics Victimeer and spoke about the District and Toastmasters. John (a guest) actually said YES to trying Table Topics. – He told us about his peanut adventure. Laurie shared with us her favorite comedian and why. Edgar (another guest) got brave enough to jump up to the front of the room and talk.

Lourdes did a detailed listening job catching Paula, Boo, Sally, Don, Mike and Linnaea using the word of the day, loquacious. Boo caught many ah’s and ums and a few so’s in our speaking. Paula caught Circe going overtime for her talk!!! Great job being Timer today.

We had two new members join. We welcome Kathleen Lubin, District Director, DTM back to Daybreak and her guest Rosalie Belasario to our membership.

What a way to start the morning hour with great stories and conversation!


The Winners were:

Best Speaker:  Deborah Russes
Best Table Topics: Laurie Finkelstein
Best Evaluator- Linnaea Mallette

Go to the Area B21-B22 Contest for Free

Area B21-B22 contest is March 11, 2016. and they have a great new idea for the raffle. Offering a free admission to the contest in exchange for a Raffle prize valued at $10 or more!

Contests are fun and open up a Toastmaster to the world of the big stage. Speaking in front of a larger audience, more people that are strangers, stretches the comfort zone of all the contestants. You can witness this Toastmaster event live on Friday night March 11, 2016. Bring friends and family.

Here are the details:


Boston Scientific, Mann Park

Friday, March 11, 2016 at 5 PM – 9 PM

Who: Areas B21 and B22 clubs. Note: Not all clubs in this area have contestants represented for all contests

Area B21

00005515 Distinguished Singles Club
00720644 Brighton Gardens Toastmasters Club
01007423 Scintillating Speakers
02981519 Empowered Business Professionals (EBP)
04076848 PDT Personal Development Toastmasters

Area 22

00001670 Valencia Toastmasters Club
00004643 Quest Toastmasters Club #4643
00009641 Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters Club
03729871 Neuro Orators Toastmasters Club
04407551 The Outliers
04479678 SCV Chamber Speaks

My home club, Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters is rising to the challenge and looking forward to competing in the Area B21 and B22 contest. Link for the contest is in the comments.
Daybreak Santa Clarita is a morning club meeting at College of the Canyons on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. It is an open club for anyone looking to achieve success and growth.

Dead_of_Winter_coverP.S. I am bringing a copy of my Photographic compilation, Dead of Winter book for a raffle prize. If you bring a raffle prize with $10 or more YOU GET IN FOR FREE. Are you coming? What are you bringing?


Sunday, breakfast, writing

Sunday is a Good Day for Writing Monday Speeches

Why is Sunday is a good day for writing Monday speeches?

Sunday for many is a day of awakening the spirit and musing about the week in retrospect. Writing ideas down can be a great way to realize the potential speech topics they hold.

For example. This past weekend began with a Friday night adventure on the 5 Freeway in Santa Clarita. Driving two people to the airport at 9:00 PM should have been an easy ride. Flight was at midnight.

Five minutes into the ride the freeway shut down in front of us and nobody moved for an hour…

Now can you see how recalling this story can make for a few different stories to develop a speech or two? Maybe even a Tall Tale for a contest.

Reach into your week and note the events. Develop some speeches and be ready to speak when asked. You are the source of your own experience and will tell the story best. Have fun this Sunday.


SCV Chamber Speaks Holds an Open Networking Event

SCV Chamber Speaks, one of the newest Toastmaster clubs in Santa Clarita Valley is hosting a meeting to show guests how Toastmasters helps with business and work related social interaction.

00096466Bill Guthrie,who works closely with the College of the Canyons Job and Career Center, will be speaking on interviewing. He will talk about the benefits that Toastmasters gives for people who want to make a good impression with a prospective boss or company.


tobyToby Skelly, of GitNoticed, will be conducting Table Topics for Networking and Business. Have you ever had to answer succinctly off the cuff either to a prospective client or to a boss? Wouldn’t you love to have that skill? Come see it live at this next Toastmasters group meeting.


You Can Have Your Own Toastmasters Club

Opportunities for a Personalized Toastmasters Club are available

You can Start your own Toastmasters Club

Santa Clarita Valley Toastmasters has clubs for many times of the day/week. But if these do not suit you or you have a group that you want to have specific, targeted club goals or achievements, you can have your own Toastmasters club. Your interests or business can benefit from the skills taught in a Toastmasters specialty club.


rotary kiwanisGreen_Yarn_clip_art_small small-sports

If you are a member of a specific group:

  • Rotary
  • Kiwanis
  • Elks
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • PTA
  • Social Club
  • Medical Community
  • Dental Community
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business networking
  • Sales men/women
  • Hairdressers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Comedians
  • Filmmakers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Political Campaigners
  • Women Business Owners

If you have a group that has one central interest

  • Golfing
  • Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Beauty
  • Knitting
  • Writing / Blogging
  • Selling
  • Jewelry
  • Cooking

Clubs have formed from groups where all the members are interested in the same type of thing. These clubs enhance the members communication skills and leadership skills through speaking on subjects they already find interesting.

Look at this quote pulled from Toastmasters International:



Contact Circe Denyer to Get Started