Santa Clarita Toastmasters to Present at Valencia Library

Quest Toastmasters Club of Valencia is sponsoring an event, it is OK to be different at the Valencia Library.

Here is the news story:

Quest Toastmasters of Santa Clarita is presenting a seminar called “It’s Okay to be Different!” at the Valencia Public Library on Thursday, Feb. 23 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Speakers will discuss their physical, emotional, and mental differences, and how they have succeeded in their lives, with a panel discussion following their presentations.

If you’re different in any way, you might feel like you don’t fit. The Quest Toastmaster’s afternoon of engaging talks at the Valencia Public Library will teach why being different is not just okay, it can actually be surprisingly powerful.

The featured speakers are: Marc Stewart Richards, “Walking is Overrated”; Alan David Blake, “I’m Shy But That’s No Reason to Hide”; Tom Iland, “Growing Up With Autism: What I’ve Learned Along the Way

The event will be hosted by Quest Toastmasters. For more info, visit: or visit the event on Facebook [here].

Feb. 23: Quest Toastmasters Present ‘It’s Okay to be Different’

Don’t miss the 2016 SCV Toastmaster Clubs Holiday Party!

The SCV Valley Toastmaster Clubs Holiday Party has been an annual celebration for nearly two decades.   It used to be there were only three clubs in SCV –  now there are SEVEN with #8 about to charter.

The December 5th, 2016 party sported over 54 Toastmasters and guests that cheered the speakers  from the representatives of the eight clubs.

Here is a compilation video of the splendid event.


Quest Toastmaster Club Member Wins Best Evaluator

michelle_tandoc_pichereauQuest Toastmasters has a new celebrity in its membership ranks.

“Our first place winner in the Evaluation Contest is … Michelle Tandoc,” announced Circe Denyer, Distinguished Toastmaster and Contest Chair for the Fall Conference held at Sportsman’s Lodge Events Center Friday evening, November 4, 2016.

Michelle told the almost 200 person audience in her interview taken before the winners were announced, that she has only been a Toastmaster for a little over a year. She also expressed that she was inspired to evaluate when she visited another club in Santa Clarita, SCV Chamber speaks, and listened to a training talk on evaluations. She said she understood she was supposed “to make it motivating and give the speaker something meaty that they can take away and really learn from.”

The Fall Conference is one of two Toastmasters conferences held each year. Only a portion of the program is dedicated to speaking and evaluating competitions. The evaluation contest is only held in the Fall. The six competitors had already won in their respective, club, area and division during the months prior to Friday evening. Michelle is in Division F, competing against clubs form the San Fernando Valley area.

Michelle Tandoc is an example of how members of the Santa Clarita Toastmasters clubs can excel in a short period of time because of the opportunities for learning. Santa Clarita is rich with clubs, open to all members of the community and all of them teach through a self-paced program of communication and leadership.

The next local Toastmasters conference will be in May of 2017. The competition will be for the coveted title of World Champion of Public Speaking. The winner of the District International Speech contest will represent District 52 in Vancouver, Canada at the International competition.

New Rulebook Changes for Contests

There are new Rulebook changes for contests. Contestants, Contest Chairs and Judges are affected by the changes.

Judging_ContestThis Monday August 15th, I will be conducting an in person training session, open to everyone in Santa Clarita.

Cannot Attend? Click here to see other training dates.

Here is the event link for registering:

Event URL: Click Here

 What do you get for attending?

Up to the minute information and details on how to be a contest judge OR chief Judge.

Did you know?

The eligibility for Chief Judge is identical as it is for Judge?
The benefits of leadership advancement and experience is exceptional.

2016 Toastmasters Contest Rulebook Page General  Rules Eligibility 2.B.

To be a chief judge, voting judge or tiebreaking judge at a Toastmasters speech contest, you must meet all eligibility requirements identified below.
At a club contest, be a paid member.
At an area, division, or district contest:
Be a paid member for a minimum of six months.
Have completed a minimum of six speech projects in Competent Communication.
Be physically present at the contest for which you are serving.
At the International Speech Contest Semifinals and the World Championship of Public Speaking:
Be a paid member for a minimum of six months.
Be at least an Advanced Toastmaster Bronze or Advanced Communicator Bronze.
Have previously judged a Toastmasters speech contest at the area, division, district, or semifinal level.

So, I invited you to attend one of the upcoming trainings. You will be glad you did.

SCV Chamber Speaks Success Story

Bill GuthrieToday, I ran into a business peer in the community and we were talking shop.  The Chamber of Commerce came up, SCV Chamber Speaks came up and a testimonial came up about how this business professional witnessed one of our very own members blossom into an accomplished speaker.  What a delight to hear.  With every meeting and every speech in Toastmasters, we are advancing our skills and talents in ways we may not even realize – until we hear it from another party.  WOW – it really comes alive, at that point.


It works if ya work it.  Sign up for a speech, sign up for some roles – and sign up for advancing your life!


By the way, our success story is about our very own, Cheryl Ramirez.  A Chamber of Commerce member shared how she witnessed Cheryl go from being a bit nervous, to speaking with confidence and a new clarity that was very noticeable. Awesome!!  How does this happen…Toastmasters!



Very Grateful for Our Club and YOU!

Bill Guthrie

President, SCV Chamber Speaks

Former Daybreak Santa Clarita Member Kevin Walker Video

Toastmasters boosts business successes.

Speaking and leadership skills are helpful to business owners

Former Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters member Kevin Walker experienced, as so many Toastmaster members do, increased success in the business world as a result of the speaking and leadership skills acquired in Toastmasters.  Kevin became confident in preparing and delivering presentations as a result of his Toastmaster training, which boosted his business.  So much so, he no longer had time to participate in Toastmasters.

Kevin Walker Daybreak Toastmaster Member Business Success

Sharing the page that contains a link to the video Kevin put together about branding and access to the freebie e-book on that topic.  Enjoy.



Jo Lauricella,DTM You Will Be Missed 2016

Jo Lauricella RIPThis week, District 52 Toastmasters has one less member. Not just any member. A Past Select Distinguished District Governor, Jo Lauricella. Jo passed from this life to the next and she will be missed.

I recall how Jo spoke to me as if I was a leader already. She was District Governor and a member of the Leadership club where I had a membership. That was Toastmasters for Leaders. In the video below, she delivers an educational talk. In 4 minutes time she shares a powerful idea on assessing the results of doing a plan.

Toastmasters For Leaders member Jo Lauricella, DTM and District Governor for District 52 for 2013-2014 delivers a talk titled, “New Broom” – which discusses her intent to keep in tact what works, and sweep away what does not during her term as DG -Published on Aug 4,




When I first joined Toastmasters, I learned of the “Top Three”, the top officers that were governing the District that made up the jurisdiction for the clubs that I was a part of. The Top Three were District Governor, Lieutenant Governor of Education and Lieutenant Governor of Marketing. Today, those offices have been renamed to, District Director, Program Quality Director and Club Growth Director.

When I first met Jo she was Lieutenant Governor of Marketing. I was Public Relations Officer. In that position I was able to see how the District was run and how the Top Three worked together to make things happen. Seeing this video after so long, and remembering Jo, I recognize her as a dedicated Toastmaster with passion for the District, the clubs and the members.

Jo Lauricella,DTM you will be missed this 2016.

If you would like to see more of her on video, follow this link: Videos On YouTube

Go to the Area B21-B22 Contest for Free

Area B21-B22 contest is March 11, 2016. and they have a great new idea for the raffle. Offering a free admission to the contest in exchange for a Raffle prize valued at $10 or more!

Contests are fun and open up a Toastmaster to the world of the big stage. Speaking in front of a larger audience, more people that are strangers, stretches the comfort zone of all the contestants. You can witness this Toastmaster event live on Friday night March 11, 2016. Bring friends and family.

Here are the details:


Boston Scientific, Mann Park

Friday, March 11, 2016 at 5 PM – 9 PM

Who: Areas B21 and B22 clubs. Note: Not all clubs in this area have contestants represented for all contests

Area B21

00005515 Distinguished Singles Club
00720644 Brighton Gardens Toastmasters Club
01007423 Scintillating Speakers
02981519 Empowered Business Professionals (EBP)
04076848 PDT Personal Development Toastmasters

Area 22

00001670 Valencia Toastmasters Club
00004643 Quest Toastmasters Club #4643
00009641 Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters Club
03729871 Neuro Orators Toastmasters Club
04407551 The Outliers
04479678 SCV Chamber Speaks

My home club, Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters is rising to the challenge and looking forward to competing in the Area B21 and B22 contest. Link for the contest is in the comments.
Daybreak Santa Clarita is a morning club meeting at College of the Canyons on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. It is an open club for anyone looking to achieve success and growth.

Dead_of_Winter_coverP.S. I am bringing a copy of my Photographic compilation, Dead of Winter book for a raffle prize. If you bring a raffle prize with $10 or more YOU GET IN FOR FREE. Are you coming? What are you bringing?


International Speech Eligibility

Eligibility in the Speech Rulebook

How many club contest chairs, club presidents or other officers have an understanding that International Speech contests have an additional requirement with regard to eligibility?

Here is an excerpt from the Speech Rulebook for July 1, 2015-June  30, 2016 from Toastmasters International.


A. To be eligible to compete in any official Toastmasters speech contest, a member must:

1. Be a member in good standing of the club, area, division, and district in which he or she is competing. a) The club must also be in good standing. b) A new, dual, or reinstated member must have dues and membership application current with World Headquarters.

2. In addition, to be eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest, a member must have completed at least six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual prior to the club contest. Contestants in speech contests other than the international contest do not need to meet this requirement. a) However, a charter member of a club chartered less than one year before the club contest is permitted to compete without having completed this requirement. The club must have officially chartered before the area contest.

3. Maintain eligibility at all levels of any contest. a) If at any level it is determined that a contestant was ineligible to compete at any previous level, the contestant must be disqualified. This disqualification must occur even if the ineligibility is discovered at a later level and has been corrected.

4. The following are ineligible to compete in any Toastmasters speech contest: a) A member serving as a chief judge, voting judge or tiebreaking judge beyond the club level for a contest in which the member is still competing or intends to compete b) Incumbent international officers and directors c) Region advisors or region advisor applicants d) District officers whose terms expire June 30:

1. District director

2. Program quality director

3. Club growth director

4. Administration manager

5. Finance manager

6. Public relations manager

7. Division director

8. Area director

e) International officer and director candidates

f) Immediate past district governors

g) District officers or announced candidates for elected positions for the term beginning the upcoming July 1

h) Presenters of education sessions at the event at which the contest will be held, including area, division, and district events, as well as the International Convention

5. Contest chairs, chief judges, voting judges, tiebreaking judges, timers, counters, sergeants at arms and test speakers may not compete in the contest at which they are serving.

6. The winner of the World Championship of Public Speaking held in August during the International Convention is not eligible to compete in the International Speech Contest again at any level.

7. Toastmasters who are members in more than one club and who meet all other eligibility requirements are permitted to compete in each club contest in which membership in good standing is held. 
a) Should a member win more than one club International Speech Contest, he or she is permitted to represent only one of those clubs at the area level.

b) No contestant can compete in more than one area speech contest of a given type, even if the two areas are in different divisions or districts.

8. Each contestant must be present to compete. Participation by audio tape, video tape, teleconference, Web cam, streaming audio, or other remote technology is not permitted. (Exception: participants in the Taped Speech Contest are required to submit their entries as audio recordings, as outlined in the Taped Speech Contest section of this rulebook.)

B. To be a chief judge, voting judge or tiebreaking judge at a Toastmasters speech contest, you must meet all eligibility requirements identified below.

1. At a club contest, be a member in good standing.

2. At an area, division, or district contest: a) Be a member in good standing for a minimum of six months. b) Have completed a minimum of six speech projects in Competent Communication.

3. At the International Speech Contest Semifinals and the World Championship of Public Speaking:

a) Be a member in good standing for a minimum of six months.

b) Be at least an Advanced Toastmaster Bronze or Advanced Communicator Bronze.

c) Have previously judged a Toastmasters speech contest at the area, division, district, or semifinal level.

4. Voting judges at all levels shall remain anonymous when practical.

PDC in Santa Clarita hosted a Toastmasters Demo Meeting

I was an evaluator at a Toastmaster demo meeting at PDCHealthcare, a Brady business. They create ID bracelets for visitors at hospitals and companies. The kiosk at the lobby used this technology to check the Toastmasters team into the facility.

Candi Smith from Valencia Toastmasters, who works at PDC Healthcare, met us there to escort us to the large meeting room. Six other Toastmasters joined her to conduct a one hour information meeting. Kathleen Lubin, club growth director, Linnaea Mallette and Circe Denyer from Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters, George Conners and Susan DiMartini from Valencia Toastmasters along with Marc Richards of Quest.

Kathleen Lubin and Marc Richards began by giving the group an overview of what Toastmasters is and how it helps members achieve professional and personal growth.

Kathleen Lubin, begins the meeting


Linnaea Mallette emceed the demonstration meeting. This part gave the audience a real feel of what it is like to attend a Toastmaster’s club meeting. This portion was filled with information, humor, and examples of how a meeting works.

Marc_Richards Linaea_Mallette_Toastmaster Linnaea_Mallette_EmCee Linnaea_Mallette_Facial_Expressions Linnaea_Mallette_Hands LinnaeaMallette_TM

Susan DiMartini, a brand new Toastmaster gave a speech called Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!. It was charming and was an opportunity to talk about how Toastmasters has helped her to overcome performance anxiety.

Circe Denyer, gave an evaluation of the speech, highlighting several points that she did well and offered two points of improvement for her next speech. This evaluation component is the unique value Toastmasters gives each member. The feedback a person gets after their speech is the way a speaker grows from step to step in their first ten Toastmaster projects.

George Connors acted in the role of Timer. He explained how Toastmasters learn to keep within time for speeches, Table Topics (impromptu speaking) and Evaluations.

George_Connors_Timer George_Connors_Timer_Explains The Green_Timer

Candi Smith did a great job asking for volunteers for the Impromptu Speaking section and Kathleen closed the meeting. All in one hour. Great team of volunteers. When this club becomes chartered, the employees will begin their journey to sucess.