Daybreak Santa Clarita


Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters

Our Sgt at Arms, Mike Carland, called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 am and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Our President, Circe Denyer, opened the meeting with a few comments about her Day of the Dead attire in honor of the meeting theme “No Spook.”

We enjoyed a presentation from Deborah Russes about the Santa Clarita Holiday party taking place Monday, December 4th (everyone got a copy of the flyer with details in their email.) Linnaea Mallette served as our Toastmaster, weaving the “No Spook” theme into her introduction of our two prepared speakers, Keith Birch and Rosalie Belisario.  Keith talked to us about fear as “The Thread that Binds Us,”   fulfilling project #2 in the Competent Communicator manual – Organize your Speech. Rosalie delivered an outstanding and moving Ice Breaker titled “Just a Mom.”

Table Topics Master Circe Denyer asked questions related to Halloween.  Lourdes Patton,  Paul Yamashita, and Mike Carland were the victims…er…..respondents.

Kathleen Lubin wore an arrow shot through her head to “make a point” (see collage) as our General Evaluator. She offered the suggestion to include speech objectives when introducing and evaluating speakers. That way all of us can learn from the speech assignments. Marcia Bruce Bush evaluated Keith and Deborah Russes evaluated Rosalie.

Our functionaries did splendid jobs.  Don Cogan, our Grammarian, offered “implore” as the word of the day – used by most everyone. He also did some good listening for good and crooked use of the English language.  Rookie Ah Counter Sharon Brubaker did a great job counting our filler words.  Francisco aptly timed everyone – and everyone stayed within time.  Yahoo!

Our winners this meeting were:

Best Speaker: Rosalie Belisario

Best Table Topics: Lourdes Patton

Best Evaluator: Marcia Bruce Bush


We missed some of our members, and look forward to seeing you at the next meeting November 9th. We only have one meeting in November. There is usually only one meeting in November and in December. However, this December the fourth Thursday falls on Dec. 28th.We are planning a special meeting of Table Topics only. It will be open to the Community and will include Table Topics Training. Please remember to invite anyone you know who may be: interviewing for a job, looking to promote at work, having to answer questions to their boss, or sell themselves to a client or customer. I have attached a powerful article about Table Topics you can share.

Circe Denyer, President

Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters