Getting to Cruising Altitude



Daybreak Meeting September 28, 2017 – Getting to Cruising Altitude
Word of the day: Loquacious

Don Cogan as Toastmaster picked a theme centered around flight and getting to cruising altitude in our speaking careers.

Circe gave a PowerPoint presentation about her father using images of him throughout his life.

Deborah did speech #7 Research your Topic with PowerPoint images about the Titanic. This was her first use of PowerPoint during a speech. Congratulations!

Michael helped us with Impromptu speaking and used questions about Santa Clarita to encourage us to speak off the cuff. Kathleen Lubin, District Director was our first Table Topics Victimeer and spoke about the District and Toastmasters. John (a guest) actually said YES to trying Table Topics. – He told us about his peanut adventure. Laurie shared with us her favorite comedian and why. Edgar (another guest) got brave enough to jump up to the front of the room and talk.

Lourdes did a detailed listening job catching Paula, Boo, Sally, Don, Mike and Linnaea using the word of the day, loquacious. Boo caught many ah’s and ums and a few so’s in our speaking. Paula caught Circe going overtime for her talk!!! Great job being Timer today.

We had two new members join. We welcome Kathleen Lubin, District Director, DTM back to Daybreak and her guest Rosalie Belasario to our membership.

What a way to start the morning hour with great stories and conversation!


The Winners were:

Best Speaker:  Deborah Russes
Best Table Topics: Laurie Finkelstein
Best Evaluator- Linnaea Mallette