A Little Deja Vu

Circe Denyer, President, DTMThis morning I gave a talk from the advanced manual Storytelling. It was speech #2 “let’s Get Personal”

This is my second round of educationals, as I have already achieved my DTM (distinguished Toastmaster) certification. I am applying these speeches to the second DTM.

The last time I gave a speech in this manual, it was also at Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters and it was also a story centered around my father, just as this one was. The story that time was about his encounter with Marilyn Monroe on the day she died, in the morgue. This one was about his passion for aquarium fish and how I used it for a photographic assignment. That is where the two are dissimilar. The rest is the Deja Vu.

1. Both meetings, then and Now started off with a bit of trouble. Then, we had gotten locked out of the room; Now, I had a failure in my alarm. I never heard it go off and was late, very late to the meeting.

2. Both speeches were from the same manual and the SAME project

3. Guests came to both meetings and joined the club, today and back then

4. Both meetings were very successful

Deja Vu? or Daybreak Santa Clarita Karma and Energy. You decide.

I love Daybreak Santa Clarita Toastmasters for the energy so early in the morning, the friendliness of the members and they way it sets me up for success. You can visit the club any 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. We are an open club with lots of passion for developing public speaking skills through a supportive atmosphere.

One thought on “A Little Deja Vu

  1. GREAT meeting today. I have to admit, when I got there (early, around 6:35am) there was only one person and no signage up. The clock rolled forward – up to about 6:50 and we had 4 people total. In that last few moments, the crowd poured in the door, and continued to come in as we organized and shifted into a new gear.
    The end result was great. People rallied together and made it all happen — and we even had two very satisfied guest. NICE!

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