Local Club Member Wins 1st Place in Table Topics

Jordana Tiger Table Topics Winner Advanced Speakers of LA

Jordana Tiger wins First Place

Advanced Speakers of LA member, Jordana Tiger took the first place trophy home in the District level Table Topics competition. Table Topics is a Toastmasters club activity where a person is read a question twice and then must give a succinct, organized, and on point 1-2 minute impromptu speech. The question for this competition was “In ten years, what do you hope to be doing”? Jordana’s answer was organized into three parts; travel, camping and following her then 20 year old son around. This got a big laugh…

The Table Topics competition at this level is comprised of 5 Toastmasters who have each won the competition in their area. This part of Toastmasters teaches members to be ready in an instant to answer questions. This helps for interviews, board meetings, elevator encounters and networking events. Toastmasters who do this well are never caught off guard by a spontaneous question.

You can visit a Toastmasters club to see this for yourself. Advanced Speakers of LA is for Toastmasters that have already completed the first award level of Toastmasters, the Competent Communication Award.

Toastmasters is a self-paced club based public speaking and leadership program for individuals and companies. A club can be started with 20 people all interested in the same thing or started within  a company ( called a corporate club). If you want to join a local club there are 4 in Santa Clarita Valley that are open (not company based) and all of the links to the clubs are on the home page header. If you own a company or want to start a club based on a joint interest, contact Circe Denyer for details.